Changing master branch to main -- November 7

Larry Gritz

Following in the footsteps of git itself, GitHub, GitLab, OpenColorIO, and likely the rest of the ASWF projects fairly soon, the OSL technical steering committee has decided to go ahead with renaming our development branch from "master" to "main."

We're planning to throw the switch on Sunday, Nov 7.

The branch renaming action on GitHub automatically takes care of quite a bit of housekeeping for us, including retargeting branch references for outstanding PRs, as well as automatically redirecting web browsing that referenced master, to go to main. If you have a fork of OSL on GitHub, next time you visit it, GH will automatically give you instructions for how to change the name on your fork as well.

Those of you with local clones of the repo will need to issue a few commands to change branch names locally; you can find the instructions for doing so on this handy guide from the OpenColorIO project:
But in short, this is what you'll need to do:

git branch -m master main
git fetch origin
git branch -u origin/main main
git remote set-head origin -a

Then the only other thing to clean up is if you have any scripts for downloading and building OSL that explicitly try to pull from or check out the master branch. Unfortunately, GitHub does not automatically redirect *git* protocol references from the old branch name to the new one. Those will need to be edited on your end to refer to main.

I'll remind everybody again about this after I do the deed on Sunday. I'm just trying to make sure everybody knows what's coming and what will be required.

If anybody thinks this will be a *major* disruption at an inconvenient time and wants to argue for postponing it for a short time to give you more time to prepare, please speak up now.

Larry Gritz