[TAC private discussion] Google Summer of Code!

Larry Gritz

Good news -- ASWF has been accepted into the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) as a mentoring organization.

We require student applicants to have an accepted PR to any project they wish to apply to, as a prerequisite to considering their application to be sponsored to work on that project. It can be (and should be) very small, something that a new person can do in one day, just to show that they are able to check out the code, make it build, make a change, and interact with the community and code review process.

This is a good time for any of you reading this to (a) look over our Issues list on GitHub and if you see anything that fits that description, make sure it has the "good first issue" tag, and/or (b) ADD issues for things you know should be done and fit these criteria -- it's a good chance to enumerate any small tasks that we wish somebody would do, but are perhaps not high enough priority for any of the primary developers to have allocated time to tackle.

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Hi all!

It's my pleasure to announce the ASWF has been accepted into GSoC 2022! Yay! We don't yet know how many "slots" we have but as soon as I know, you all will.

The official announcements are coming from Google today, at which point we can share on social, etc (Alix, let's talk?) but wanted to get the ball rolling on two things:

1) Please take the time as project/WG TSCs to make sure your "good first issue" tags in your repos are updated. Part of the required application process for our org is a quick PR to show basic competence in github, getting the project built, and following contribution guidelines. Let me know if I can help here in any way!

2) If you volunteered to be a mentor (TAC reps please pass this on to your other mentors), please join the #gsoc-2022 slack channel on the ASWF instance. I'll also probably create an email list soon too, but let's get folks on slack and communicating - that's where contributors interested in applying will go first. There's likely to be a lot of questions - Karen and I will do our best to get them pointed to the right folks, but any help will be appreciated.

There will be more soon, but that's all for now!

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