App integration Documentation

Alvaro Castaneda

Sorry if you thought this was the documentation, but I'm asking for it.
I'm currently integrating OSL into an application I am building, I've been looking at the osltoy and the testrender for reference. I got my shader to compile and render the image so far, which is good but to be honest, there's so much stuff that I just used from the source code that I have no idea what is doing and it is quite possible I'm making a mess on my project.

I would really appreciate some documentation on how oslc, oslexec work and how you are supposed to integrate this.
Most of you are pros and have probably built hundreds of renderers, I am not, and getting started is hard, that on top of learning the ins and outs of C++.

I can contribute back, doing some OSL shading tutorials, I have a vast experience on making online training, so far the only good docs about that are the Zap videos, which are pretty good, I would like to do some shading training based on some projects.

thanks for your help and I'll keep grinding cause this app is not going to build itself :)