Implementing OSL support for YafaRay

Rickard Westerlund <onion...@...>

I'm looking to apply for a YafaRay (a free raytracer) GSoC project
that aims to implement OSL support. I am wondering how this can be
achieved. Is there any documentation for the OSL libraries?
Having discussed a bit with a YafaRay developer the question seems to
be which information needs to be retrieved from a compiled shader and
how to get it into a shader program.


wtachi <wingedt...@...>

I'm also applying for this project, and I want to get in contact with
the mentor. My current idea is to create a Yafaray nodeMaterial_t (an
abstract class that provides a BSDF and other info) that is
implemented in terms of liboslexec. A potential problem is that
nodeMaterial_t is called for one sample at a time, while liboslexec
appears to expect many points at once.

Rickard: there doesn't seem to be any documentation other than the
code itself. The README suggests looking at testshade for an example
use of the library.