Larry Gritz

Today we are tagging v1.11.14.2 (aka Release- and updating the "release" branch marker to that point. This is the new supported production release, which is API as well as ABI back-compatible with prior 2.2 releases.

This is a very small patch release that only addresses some build and CI testing issues. If you have not encountered the build issues (which are specific to combining clang and C++17 mode), there is no need to rush to upgrade.

Bigger changes (with no guarantees about API stability) continue in the master branch.

Release -- 1 Jul 2021 (compared to
* Fix warnings that occur when compiling with clang and C++17 mode. #1379
* CI/testing: Additional CI tests for clang+c++17 (#1379), gcc11 (#1381),
llvm 12 (#1381), speed up CI builds by not building the testing components
of OIIO (#1380).

Larry Gritz