Our code development

Larry Gritz <larry...@...>

I hope you all can see from the traffic in the last few days that
Imageworks is not merely planning to occasionally snapshot OSL and
release it, but rather we are committed to developing the whole thing
in public, warts and all. (This is not just my idea, but indeed is
the explicit directive from management.)

The google code SVN *is* our development trunk, we are trying to do
all our code reviews over this mail list and codereview.appspot.com,
and use the google-hosted bug tickets for our actual issue tracking
(except for cases specific to our in-house renderer or that discuss
unreleased films).

So you'll see everything, be it good, bad, ugly, or irrelevant. But
you'll also see the steady daily progress, maybe learn something about
our development process, and some of you, I hope, will be inspired to

-- lg