Release: OSL

Larry Gritz

We have tagged v1.12.20.0 as the latest production release and moved the
"release" branch marker to that point. This is guaranteed to be API,
ABI, and link back-compatible with prior 1.12 releases. Release notes
are below.

Release -- 1 Mar 2023 (compared to
* feat(testrender): Modify testrender so that it correctly sets raytype to
"camera" for camera rays, "shadow" for shadow rays, and "diffuse" for all
secondary rays. Also rerun the shades for background shader group on the
camera rays rather than use the cached map. This helps the MaterialX project
use testrender for certain unit tests and verification. #1648 #1649
* feat: Expose llvm groupdata size as a shadergroup attribute
"llvm_groupdata_size". #1642
* fix: Crash could result from uncaught exception in OpenColorIO when calling
transformc with derivatives for color spaces that require OCIO. #1646
* fix: certain uses of fmod() in shaders could fail to generate LLVM code
correctly, due to a missing implementation for the fmod(triple,float)
varieties. #1643
* build: Change snprintf formatting to satisfy some compilers. #1640
* CI: Fix broken Mac ci. #1647

Larry Gritz