Release: OSL

Larry Gritz

We have tagged v1.12.7.0 as the latest OSL production release and moved the
"release" branch marker to that point. This is guaranteed to be API,
ABI, and link back-compatible with prior 1.12 releases. Release notes
are below.

Release -- 1 Nov 2022 (compared to
* Optix: Change naming of certain compiler-generated constants in a way that
improves use of the PTX cache. #1570
* Batch: Fix uninitialized members in ReadEvent internals. #1575
* `testshade --help` now prints TextureSystem options and hardware info. #1584
* oslc: Fix memory leak in ASTvariable_declaration. #1576
* Fix memory leaks in light path expression code. #1593 #1594
* Include the immintrin.h header only when needed. #1605
* icx: Improvements to fix problems exposed by new icx 2022.2 compiler. #1601
* Testing: CMake cache variables to control the testing timeout length. #1571
* CI: Add a dynamic analysis test using address and leak sanitizers. #1581
* CI: Now using SonarCloud static analysis. #1551
* CI: Many improvements in testing code coverage #1607
* CI: Make sure to run pointcloud tests when partio is found. #1611
* Developers: platform.h now defines OSL_ALLOCA macro. #1589
* Developers: platform.h now defines OSL::bitcast utility. #1610

Larry Gritz