Re: .otio samples/unittests

Joshua Minor

Look at the sample fcp xml and AAF files too. otioconvert will turn them into .otio for you. They have more complex examples than the EDLs.


On Sep 2, 2019, at 11:18 AM, Gonzalo Garramuño <ggarra13@...> wrote:

El 1/9/19 a las 17:28, Gonzalo Garramuño via Lists.Aswf.Io escribió:
I am looking for a set of .otio samples to test my adapter. Any chance of sharing some?

I already tested it with the scripts that come with examples/ directory of the source distribution.

I am looking for tests with multiple timelines, gaps, transitions and retimings.
Never mind. I found a bunch of edls in the source directory of opentimelineio.

Gonzalo Garramuño

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