Re: OpenTimelineIO meeting agenda 2019-09-12

Joshua Minor

Here are my notes from today's meeting:

Joshua Minor (Pixar)
Stephan Steinbach (Pixar)
Nick Porcino (Pixar)
Michel Eid (Autodesk)
Josh Burnell (Dreamworks)

Recent activity on Github:
- We skimmed through recent issues and PRs (both opened and closed) on Github
- An engineer from the RV team at Autodesk is scheduled to do a code review on the proposed RV plugin next week:
- We discussed this xges schema PR, not in specifics, but rather as an example of a contrib adapter that our core team doesn't have much experience with, but seems to be working well with support from the community. This is the first contrib SchemaDef, and we are pleased to see that mechanism seems to be working as intended.
- We looked at the PR suggesting we switch to meson, but none of us are familiar with meson and we're just finished with setting up cmake. At this time we're reluctant to change the build system - but we're willing to revisit this later when we move OTIO into the ASWF CI infrastructure. We also noted that most of the other ASWF projects are using cmake, so there is some desire to fit in with those projects even if meson would give us better python build support.
- We talked briefly about the PR suggesting a new .otioz bundle format which can contain otio and media in one file (or bundle folder). We're looking for feedback and specific use cases which could guide this. It seems generally useful and simple to implement, but opens the scope of OTIO and so deserves some discussion.

RationalTime version 2 proposal:
- We looked over a draft proposal for RationalTime version 2.
- The proposal includes an explanation of the drawbacks of the current implementation, some research into how other systems represent time, and a proposal for a new version.
- The new version uses integers instead of floating point numbers. Specifically int64 for value, and rational int64 / uint64 for rate.
- After the TSC members provide comments, we will post this publicly for wider discussion & refinement.

Also, we had some Zoom video conference issues, which cut the meeting short. Sorry about that. I believe the issue has been resolved so that won't happen again.

Joshua Minor (he-him)
Pixar Studio Tools Story/Editorial/VR Previs Tech Lead

On Sep 12, 2019, at 10:02 AM, Joshua Minor via Lists.Aswf.Io <> wrote:

Instead of the regular Zoom conference link, please use this one for just today:

Joshua Minor (he-him)
OpenTimelineIO Technical Steering Committee Chairperson

On Sep 11, 2019, at 6:20 PM, Joshua Minor via Lists.Aswf.Io <> wrote:

This week's OpenTimelineIO Technical Steering Committee (TSC) meeting will cover the following topics:

- Progress update on open/recent pull requests & issues
- Overview of draft proposal for RationalTime.2 (using integers instead of floating point numbers)

Conference call details:

Joshua Minor (he-him)
OpenTimelineIO Technical Steering Committee Chairperson

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