Re: OpenTimelineIO meeting agenda 2019-09-26

Joshua Minor

Here are my notes from today's meeting:

Joshua Minor (Pixar)
Stephan Steinbach (Pixar)
Michel Eid (Autodesk)
Eric Desruisseaux (Autodesk)
Josh Burnell (Dreamworks)


RV plugin
- RV plugin that reads OTIO accepted and landed into master branch.
- RV plugin that writes OTIO from current session: PR submitted from Dreamworks
- We discussed the "example code" status of these two plugins & ways they could be extended to allow customization without needing for fork or copy/paste them.
- It would be great to have a way to support private schemas more easily.
- There is some mechanism in the plugins that uses a map of OTIO schemas <-> RV node types which could be extended.
- We could use the OTIO hook mechanism to help with this also.
- Next step: let's get these both into use and work on customization strategies after we see the ways they need to be customized.

AAF support
- Dreamworks is finding holes in the AAF adapter, and has submitted a PR to make it work for more types of media paths.
- We are still actively seeking an AAF expert from Avid.
- There is some rumor about possible participation from them.
- Next step: Autodesk will ask Avid for clarification.

Universal Coordinate System
- Autodesk presented an overview of their Universal Coordinate System proposal
Slides here:
- This is the coordinate system used within several of Autodesk's products (Flame, etc.)
- It uses an abstract coordinate system for spatial data which is decoupled from pixels & resolution.
- Bounds of a MediaReference are positioned and sized in World Coordinate Units such that new/different media with different resolutions can be swapped in without changing placement.
- Transform effects can modify the placement & size at the Clip or Track level.
- An Output Region is used to specify the render display output size, position & resolution.
- Compositing is bottom to top with blend modes per Track.
- Multiple output regions can be used with the same composition (e.g. 4k, HD, etc.)
- Time is measured in seconds (conversation shifted into RationalTime v2 proposal)
- Next step: Post slides for broader discussion & feedback from OTIO community

RationalTime v2 Proposal
- We discussed some pros/cons of frame snapping, continuous vs discrete time, filtering & sampling, etc.
- The Universal Coordinate System proposal above specifies the output fps independent from any source media fps.
- The two proposals are compatible, but highlight some of the differences in continuous vs discrete time.
- Next step: Post proposal details for broader discussion & feedback from OTIO community

Joshua Minor (he-him)
OpenTimelineIO Technical Steering Committee Chairperson

On Sep 25, 2019, at 9:57 AM, Joshua Minor via Lists.Aswf.Io <> wrote:

This week's OpenTimelineIO Technical Steering Committee (TSC) meeting will cover the following topics:

- RV plugin status update
- RationalTime v2 status update
- Overview of Universal Coordinate System proposal from Autodesk

Conference call details:
Note: Anyone is welcome to join TSC meetings to listen or participate. If you have agenda items, let me know ahead of time.

Joshua Minor (he-him)
OpenTimelineIO Technical Steering Committee Chairperson

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