Re: missing videos in hiero.xml

Gonzalo Garramuño

El 16/10/19 a las 22:09, Joshua Minor escribió:
I don't see a file called hiero.xml Do you mean hiero_xml_export.xml? That one has 2 clips (and some gaps) and flatten does nothing to it because it is already just one video track.

 otiostat tests/sample_data/hiero_xml_export.xml

No, I mean this:

otiostat tests/sample_data/hiero.xml
parsed: True
top level object: Timeline.1
number of tracks: 3
There was a system error: track 1 is not the same duration as the other tracks. Track RationalTime(962.0, 24.0) duration, vs: RationalTime(2677.0, 24.0)
deepest nesting: 4
number of clips: 5
total duration: RationalTime(2677.0, 24.0)
total duration in timecode: 00:01:51:13
top level rate: 24.0
clips with cdl data: 0
Tracks with non standard types: 0


Gonzalo Garramuño

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