Re: OpenTimelineIO meeting agenda 2019-10-16

Joshua Minor

Here are my notes from today's meeting:

Joshua Minor (Pixar)
Eric Reinecke (Netflix)
Michel Eid (Autodesk)
Eric Desruisseaux (Autodesk)
Josh Burnell (Dreamworks)
John Mertic (Linux Foundation)
Daniel Flehner Heen (Storm Studios)


ASWF Transition:
- Currently OTIO uses a Disney-approved modified Apache license. The modification addresses some trademark-related concerns that are important to Disney.
- OTIO would like to move to a standard un-modified Apache license to avoid friction for new users & contributors.
- ASWF, Pixar, and Linux Foundation legal are working to find a compromise.
- We intend to change the copyright notice at the top of each source file to say "Copyright Contributors to the OpenTimelineIO Project"
- This does not actually transfer the legal copyright, it just makes the source headers uniform and acknowledges that many of the files have contributions from multiple contributors.
- We plan to move OTIO to the ASWF continuous integration system in the future.
- Eric (Netflix) will do some initial investigation in the coming weeks.
- We expect that the new CI system will give us Mac, Windows, Linux platform support, as well as auditing of CLAs, licenses, etc.
- domain registration is held by Eric, but we plan to move to ASWF.

Image Sequence Schema
- There is general agreement about the proposed Image Sequence schema:
- We discussed the ability to maintain an offset between frame numbers and available_range.
- We agreed that an ImageSequenceReference will support a uniform set of frames (same resolution, bit depth, etc.)
- Unexpected missing frames in a sequence can be handled via a policy enum.
- Expected missing frames (e.g. rendered on 2's) can be handled via frame_skip, so that consumers will know they are meant to be missing.
- Negative frame numbers seem rare and undesirable, but we should be clear if OTIO supports them or not (maybe just document & unit test?)
- Eric will update to clarify some things and address notes.

Universal Coordinate System
- Conversations with other OTIO users is finding general agreement with proposal.
- Michel & Eric (Autodesk) will work on PR

RationalTime v2
- Josh (Pixar) attempting to make a test suite to allow experimentation with alternates (double+int/int, int+int/int, etc.)

Timewarp Effects
- Pixar has use case for this and plans to do work on this in the coming months.
- Looking for experience & perspective on how other systems handle timewarps (Premiere, Final Cut, RV, etc.)

- Michel (Autodesk) has a good contact at Avid. Avid has agreed to provide consultancy on timecode and nesting questions for OTIO.
- There is some miscommunication about some technical documents we received from Avid. We are working to clear that up.

Meeting schedule
- We are going to switch this OTIO TSC meeting to a 2-week cadence instead of every week.

Joshua Minor (he-him)
Pixar Studio Tools Story/Editorial/VR Previs Tech Lead

On Oct 16, 2019, at 11:36 AM, Joshua Minor <joshm@...> wrote:

This week's OpenTimelineIO Technical Steering Committee (TSC) meeting will cover the following topics:

- Status updates
- ASWF transition updates:
Potential relicense from modified Apache 2.0 to standard Apache 2.0
Mission statement
Switch to Azure CI
- Followup discussion from Universal Coordinate System proposal
- Followup discussion from RationalTime v2 proposal
- Support for time warp effects to/from AAF

Suggestions for other topics are welcome.

Conference call details:
Note: Anyone is welcome to join TSC meetings to listen or participate.

Joshua Minor (he-him)
OpenTimelineIO Technical Steering Committee Chairperson

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