Re: OpenTimelineIO meeting agenda 2019-10-31

Joshua Minor

Here are my notes from today's meeting.

Joshua Minor (Pixar)
Stephan Steinbach (Pixar)
Nick Porcino (Pixar)
Eric Reinecke (Netflix)
Josh Burnell (Dreamworks)
Daniel Flehner Heen (Storm Studios)


AAF / Avid
- Josh M had a good conversation with Shailendra Mathur at Avid regarding OTIO AAF support and roadmap
- Avid has identified a point person, Roger Sacilotto, for our technical questions.
- Avid has agreed to share AAF technical documents with OTIO community after some edits & approvals are made.
- Avid is interested in discussing change list support in OTIO as it relates to conform workflows.
- Cargo Cult and Netflix still having issues with some AAFs.
- All of Dreamworks' pull requests are landed, and they are actively using the OTIO AAF adapter.
- Josh B suggests that the AAF adapter should produce ExternalReferences via Avid UNC paths instead of MissingReference.
- Video track names are getting lost in some workflows, but this seems to be a Media Composer problem, not an OTIO problem.
- Track names might be a good icebreaker for our discussion with Avid

Open Pull Requests
- xges Effects and Markers support is WIP
- C++ build instructions are cleaner & more robust now, PR ready to land.
- Maybe still some wrinkle about where the python libraries are installed. Dreamworks is finding they still need to use LD_LIBRARY_PATH to get things to run properly.
Josh B: Is there an issue for this already?
- RV writer plugin is almost ready to land. Needs lint fixes.

Image Sequence Reference
- Eric R. addressed notes from recent discussions.
- Daniel to do some testing.
- General agreement that this is going in a good direction.
- We discussed the need for a mechanism to handle logging, warnings, and optional error handling.
This comes up when an adapter, or in this case, Image Sequence Reference, reads something that is not strictly supported.
Should this be a warning or an error? How does the calling code control how this is treated or reported?
- We need some clarifications on how error handling is implemented (e.g. exceptions, versus error code returns).
- This PR is using enums in a different way than other code. Needs some narrow review on this, especially on how the python bindings treat this.
- Are Swift bindings needed for this?

Release Roadmap
- We discussed strategies for VFX platform support.
- We currently advertise VFX platform 2016-2020 support, but some of that is untested.
- Really we support Python 2.7, 3.6, and 3.7, but compiler versions are untested.
- We expect that ASWF infrastructure will help us with this.
- Perhaps we can choose to drop older VFX platforms in new versions of OTIO? Will seek guidance from TAC.
- We also discussed our current release process (documented on hidden wiki - should be made public)
- We should do another beta release soon.

Joshua Minor (he-him)
OpenTimelineIO Technical Steering Committee Chairperson

On Oct 30, 2019, at 4:22 PM, Joshua Minor via Lists.Aswf.Io <> wrote:

This week's OpenTimelineIO Technical Steering Committee (TSC) meeting will cover the following topics:

- Status updates
- AAF adapter status update
- Open pull requests. There are a few that might need some assistance to move forward.
- ImageSequenceReference PR

Suggestions for other topics are welcome.

Conference call details:
Note: Anyone is welcome to join TSC meetings to listen or participate.

Joshua Minor (he-him)
OpenTimelineIO Technical Steering Committee Chairperson

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