Re: OpenTimelineIO meeting agenda 2020-04-05

Joshua Minor

Here are my notes from last week's meeting:

Joshua Minor (Pixar)
Stephan Steinbach (Pixar)
Eric Reinecke (Netflix)
Pierre-Anthony Lemieux
Daniel Flehner Heen (Storm Studios)
Eric Desruisseaux (Autodesk)
Michael Johnson (Apple)

Beta 12 Release
- Stephan and Eric will work on making a new release next week
- Release procedure documentation will move to tsc-private wiki (from Pixar internal wiki)
- We expect some bumps with this release (first official release with C++ core)

ASWF Transition
- Next steps: Updating copyright notices
- Removing presentation PDFs from repo

Debugging C++/Python
- Some users/developers are having trouble debugging the C++ core when calling in via Python

Google Summer of Code
- We are getting some new interest in OTIO from students.
- ASWF is listed on the official GSoC web site:
- Currently students should be making proposals for their summer projects.

OTIO Specification
- Netflix is interested in formalizing OTIO as a specification.
- Pixar and Netflix began a project to do this roughly a year ago, but it stalled for various reasons.
Pierre-Anthony Lemieux will be working on this.
- Pierre has previously contributed to the digital cinema, IMF, and other specification processes
- The goal is to provide clarity and confidence that OTIO can be used for long term archival - specifically that in 10-20 years a fresh implementation from the spec could revive old OTIO files.
- We discussed the question of when, in OTIO's lifecycle, is the right time to write a spec.
- Documenting the existing format and schema is a good starting point
- The spec can separately cover these aspects of OTIO:
-- the core OTIO schema (including composition model)
-- the JSON format
-- test vectors for conformance
- We discussed where a spec should live, and decided that a folder in the existing repo is a good starting point. We can use a branch while drafting the spec, and land it when appropriate.

Joshua Minor (he-him)
OpenTimelineIO Technical Steering Committee Chairperson

On Mar 4, 2020, at 10:31 PM, Joshua Minor <joshm@...> wrote:

This week's OpenTimelineIO Technical Steering Committee (TSC) meeting will cover the following topics:

- Status updates
- Proposal for formal spec for OTIO (Netflix)

Suggestions for other topics are welcome.

Conference call details:
Note: Anyone is welcome to join TSC meetings to listen or participate.

Joshua Minor (he-him)
OpenTimelineIO Technical Steering Committee Chairperson

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