OpenTimelineIO meeting agenda 2020-04-30 & 2020-04-02

Joshua Minor

Here are my notes from today's meeting (and see below for notes from a prior meeting)

Joshua Minor (Pixar)
Stephan Steinbach (Pixar)
Nick Porcino (Pixar)
Eric Reinecke (Netflix)
Michel Eid (Autodesk)
Eric Desruisseaux (Autodesk)
Daniel Flehner Heen (Storm Studios)
JT Nelson (Pasadena Blender)
Oliver ? (Animal Logic)
Karthik Iyer (GSoC candidate)


ASWF Migration
- Next steps are mostly legal & procedural - transferring trademarks etc.
- Contributors will need to sign new CLAs at some point.
- Is is possible to overlap the two (e.g. sign the new CLA before the transition?)
- Based on findings from other ASWF transitions, we are trying to arrange it so that there is only a brief window of time during which developers might be locked out from contributions.

Code of Conduct
- Our OTIO code of conduct is different from the other ASWF projects - should we consider changing?
- The two are very similar - we should be considerate in choosing one that meets the needs of our community in case we encounter problems down the road.

Recording Meetings
- ASWF is recommending that TSC meetings be recorded and posted publicly for those who are unable to attend.
- Discussion included some concerns
- Would recording affect the openness of conversation & discussion?
- Do we need extra permission/approval from our employers?
- Would some participants be unable to attend due to company restrictions? (e.g. Apple)
- Who would watch the recording?
- Current attendees all said they would refer to notes instead of watching if they missed a meeting.
- Are there people who want to attend but are unable (due to timezone, etc.)?
- Video feeds often have people's homes, family members, etc.
- Are there concerns around students/minors attending?
- Overall there were quite a few concerns and few arguments in favor
- Asking the wider community to find out who would actually watch the recordings could shift the balance.

Google Summer of Code
- ASWF projects have made their selections - but we are waiting for Google to confirm before announcing anything.
- We expect this to be announced in the next week or two.

Hiero Plugin
- Daniel has made progress on his Hiero OTIO plugin
- It works in Nuke Studio also
- ASWF is in contact with Foundry about ways Foundry can be involved with OTIO and other ASWF projects.

Blender + OTIO
- JT Nelson is working on OTIO integration with the Fracture Modifier branch of Blender.
- We also discussed the possibility of importing full project timelines from Blender Foundation film projects into OTIO as samples & demos.
- This would be a wonderful addition to OTIO, since content producers and VFX companies have many restrictions preventing us from contributing good real-world samples.

Animal Logic
- Oliver is evaluating OTIO in preparation for some editorial pipeline work at Animal Logic
- We discussed possible integration between OTIO and USD

- SIGGRAPH and related events are planning to be online this year.
- We should start asking our community to think about giving short presentations of their work in & around OTIO
- Here is our presentation from last year for reference:
- We had co-presenters from several companies showing how they are using OTIO.

Image Effects & Color Correction
- We discussed possible directions for evolving our current CDL metadata into a more robust schema.
- Metadata on a media reference can describe what color or image effects have been baked into the media.
- Image Effects can describe color operations that should be applied when the timeline is rendered or displayed.
- Autodesk has thought deeply about blend modes, and image effects within their use of OTIO.
- We can put together a rough outline of this and then discuss with interested parties & experts to advise on directions for enhancing OTIO to support this more fully.


Meeting notes from 2020-04-02 meeting (these notes we not sent out previously, sorry about that)

Joshua Minor (Pixar)
Stephan Steinbach (Pixar)
Nick Porcino (Pixar)
Eric Reinecke (Netflix)
Michel Eid (Autodesk)
Eric Desruisseaux (Autodesk)
Michael Johnson (Apple)
Daniel Flehner Heen (Storm Studios)
JT Nelson (Pasadena Blender)
John Mertic (ASWF / Linux Foundation)
Karthik Iyer (GSoC candidate)

Google Summer of Code
- We have 2 promising proposals
- Each accepted proposal will require 2-3 mentors (1 primary, others backup)

Time Coordinate System
- We discussed breaking this out into a separate working meeting

- ASWF recommends Github Actions instead of Azure or Travis
- Eric did some investigation
- Seeking volunteers to help with this

Repo Structure
- Can/should we split our repo into core versus contrib or adapters?
- Perhaps OTIOView or the Swift language bindings could be split out as an experiment?
- Can we do Mac-based CI to test the Swift bindings?
- Apple suggested that Swift is cross platform & could run on Linux also.

ASWF Transition
- Auto-generated a list, then hand-edited to get full names, etc.

Project Schema
- We briefly discussed adding a schema for "projects" to map well to a Final Cut Pro XML or other format which encompass an entire project, not just one timeline.
- We have SerializableCollection which can hold multiple timelines, but is a generic container without the semantics of a Project.

- Can we move forward on Blender integration for OTIO?
- Some python build issues are blocking this
- JT Nelson offered to help connect us to the right Blender experts to help with this

Joshua Minor (he-him)
Pixar Studio Tools Story/Editorial/VR Previs Tech Lead

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