Re: OTIO for Premiere Pro for complex retimes

Joshua Minor

OTIO has support for freeze frames, and linear time warp effects (e.g. % speed up or slow down), but doesn't yet have support for keyframed, or non-linear time warps. That is an area we'd like to improve, and we're open to participation to help make that happen.

In particular, if you have example AAF or XML files that have timewarps, you can use otioconvert to turn them into OTIO and see which effects are supported. If you have examples of ones that don't work, that can help illustrate the work to be done.

It could also help to ask Adobe if they are willing to add OTIO support natively instead of relying on a plugin.

Joshua Minor (he-him)
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On Mar 25, 2022, at 9:33 AM, patton@... wrote:


We do post/VFX and we get AAF/XML files with a ton of retimes/reverse/keyframed timewarps.  These never translate the edit 1:1.  We're looking to build a bridge between Nuke Studio, (just saw the beta excited!), and Premiere Pro that doesn't use AAF/XML as a go between that respects these retimes 1:1.

We found an older plugin for premiere: that had some movement on it back in 2018/2019.

Is this something anyone else is working on or that can point me in the right direction/person to consult with?

Apologies if this breaks any rules.

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