Insert a Transition to the Track #cal-notice

Devottam Dutta

Hello Stephan,

How to insert a Transition into the Timeline track children list on a specific index. Suppose there are 10 Clips in a track and we need to insert a transition on every start time of the Clips using the otio api. How to fetch the index of the Child on a timeline tracks.

Pipeline TD

Devottam Dutta

timeline = otio.adapters.read_from_file("xyz.otio")
pos = 0
for clip in timeline.each_clip():
    timeline.tracks[0].insert(pos, otio.schema.trasition)
    pos += 2

is the above snippet is correct to add transition in between the clips.

Devottam Dutta

if conversion_func else item
ValueError: child already has a parent
how to handle the above error

Devottam Dutta

Yaay! its working. 


Joshua Minor

  I'm glad you got this working. FYI, the OTIO GitHub discussions area or the #opentimelineio Slack channel are better forums for getting help with issues like this.