OpenTimelineIO License & CLA Change

Joshua Minor

OpenTimelineIO License & CLA Change

As part of OpenTimelineIO’s transition into the Academy Software Foundation, the project is switching from a modified Apache License to the standard Apache License, Version 2.0. In addition the project is switching to use the ASWF 2020 v2.1 Contributor License Agreement (CLA). This change will align OpenTimelineIO to other ASWF open source projects, and aims to make legal approvals for users and contributors much easier and quicker by using a well-known standard license.

Active and future contributors will need to sign the new CLA via the Linux Foundation’s EasyCLA system. Prior contributions do not need any additional approval or action.

During this transition period, we encourage contributors to pre-sign the new CLA so that active work is not delayed waiting for legal approvals.

Contributors working under a Corporate CLA can ask their legal department to pre-sign the new CLA via EasyCLA here.

Individual contributors can either wait until we turn on the automatic CLA compliance checking bot, at which time new pull requests will guide you into the EasyCLA system, or you can pre-sign the Individual CLA by making a stub pull request on this test repository.

Note that the EasyCLA system asks you to sign in, either by creating a Linux Foundation account, or using a partner account. We have tested this process using GitHub accounts and Linux Foundation accounts.

Here is the new license and CLA we are switching to:

For reference, here is the old license and CLA we are switching away from:

If you have questions about this change, please contact us at opentimelineio-tsc@... 

Joshua Minor (he-him)
OpenTimelineIO Technical Steering Committee Chairperson

Joshua Minor

FYI, this license and CLA change has landed. Thank you to everyone who pre-signed the new CLA!