OpenColorIO Graduation Proposal

Michael Dolan

Hello TAC,

John Mertic confirmed yesterday at the OCIO TSC meeting that OpenColorIO has completed the required steps for being considered for graduation from incubation to adopted status. Below I will outline evidence of meeting these graduation requirements and I would like to propose that a TAC vote be made for acceptance.

Demonstrate having a healthy number of committers from a diverse contributor base.

In the last year we have had regular contributions from Autodesk, Imageworks, ILM, DNEG, and several individual contributors.

All 8 members of the OCIO TSC have either actively contributed to the codebase, or been regularly involved with code reviews and technical discussion.

Have achieved and maintained a Core Infrastructure Initiative Best Practices Badge.

As evidence of maintaining and improving our CII badge status, Patrick Hodoul has been working to eliminate all quality-gate breaking issues detected by SonarCloud static analysis:

This pull request aims to resolve the remaining detected bugs:

Demonstrate a substantial ongoing flow of commits and merged contributions.

Since June 1, 2019 there have been 46 merged pull requests, 29 of which are new features, bug fixes, and improvements to build infrastructure or documentation.

There have been 116 merged pull requests since February 8, 2019, when OpenColorIO was officially announced as joining the ASWF.

Document current project owners and current and emeritus committers in a COMMITTER file or similarly visible system. A copy of the project’s charter (or other authorized governance document) will be included or linked to in visible location.
TSC members (project owners):

Current committers: 

Project charter

Have a technical lead appointed for representation of the project to the TAC.
Our project chair acts as the TAC representative:

Have a completed and presented to the TAC an initial license scan of the project’s codebase.
John Mertic and Steve Winslow have confirmed a passing license scan of the OCIO repo following resolution of all conflicts that were flagged in earlier scans. There were a small number of exceptions which have been approved by ASWF governing board vote.

If there are any questions about any of the above, we are happy to provide additional information. Thank you for your consideration.

Michael Dolan

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